Miss Sloane Lays Bare the Lobbying “Swamp”


Jessica Chastain probably gets herself nominated for an Oscar as she plays a very determined and capable woman—reminiscent of her character in Zero Dark Thirty. The film is about a force of a woman—though it’s not necessarily about women, and part of the plot is about gun control in politics—but it’s not really about gun control. It’s about the lobbying industry and the ruthlessness with which big money chases votes, paying mercenaries (lobbyists) to fight their wars for them: if a new or changed law means billions, you quickly pay millions to try to make it go your way.

Power is ruthless, so the driving conflict of the film is “winning” or  achievement in pitched battle against conscience and morality. The machines of industry and bureaucracy do not feel remorse, but individuals can and do.

The cast contains some familiar faces and strong performances, but Jessica Chastain again leaves her mark as one of the best actors of her generation. I hope the film does well as it reveals a particularly dark place in the “swamp” that is Washington D.C.  Votes should not be for sale to the highest bidder–especially because the most ruthless players are usually able to make the highest bids .



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