It is my hope that this website becomes, for many of you, something like a favorite little boutique, bookstore, or antique store or curiosity shop. You know the one: it’s just off the beaten path, the locals all know it. You found it by accident one day while you were exploring and, to your delight, the proprietors had sensibilities and tastes that seemed to be waiting for you to walk in: the degree of space, the extent to which it was cluttered or open, the esoteric element in the goods they offered.

William Hecht - Movies Markets and MoreMoviesMarketsandMore.com is a blog and boutique that features the ideas and selected creative content of William Hecht, the author and owner. He draws from experiences working in financial markets, from teaching across a wide range of subjects, and from a love of storytelling and an ear for the music in inspired writing.

The blogs feature three categories: movie reviews, macroeconomics and global financial markets, and observations on society, culture or politics. Despite the seemingly disparate nature of the three categories, they intertwine: all three surround the behavior of people in groups. In movies, we watch ourselves. In markets we reveal ourselves. In politics, we realize ourselves. Registered visitors may elect to receive emails when a new blog is published from any one or any combination of the three categories.

The writings are a compilation of pieces composed over a couple decades. The forms vary from short stories, to essay-like vignettes, to poems. When complete, the site will feature collections of writing that can be downloaded for a very affordable fee or purchased in print at greater expense. The collections will also feature a premium version that contains author’s notes and background for each of the pieces within that collection.

The site hopes to also include illustrated children’s stories available for purchase in print or for download.

In the near future, the website expects to offer virtual Investing Literacy seminars. The seminars will consist of five live sessions with up to twelve participants per seminar. Participants will be asked to complete short self-study exercises each week outside of live session time. The projected cost will be $279 per participant. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.


And so it’s the kind of place that when you have the time and you’re in town, you stop by to see if there is anything new. Perhaps not even every week, but at that that interval where you feel just a little incomplete until you return. I hope this website, moviesmarketsandmore.com, becomes the secret little shop you share but don’t tell everyone about: you’re almost afraid that if too many people knew, it would somehow be spoiled. Enjoy!