Don’t Blame Trump, Blame Hilary


The election was won—as I thought it would be in my post of 9/22 ( by the anti-candidate and the disruptor. Democrats had two potential disruptors in Warren and Sanders, either of whom could have won the election for president (and whose candidacies would probably have helped Dems gain the senate majority) were it not for the ambitions of Hilary Clinton—who offered to disrupt NOTHING except the gender of the most powerful leader in the world.

In her insatiable appetite for political power and by applying her influence with the DNC, Clinton cost the country a chance at real change—instead of what will doubtless become control by Republicans and the conservative elite of all three branches of government: Congressional, Executive, and Judicial.

Like most newly elected presidents, Trump will back away from his promises once he realizes he cannot simply say things and make them happen

My hopes, fears, and predictions are as follows:

Hope: Within two years, Americans will be so enraged and disillusioned that they will put real working class representatives in the House and Senate. By the next election, a true disruptor will emerge who will represent labor, change corporate charters and mandates, and nationalize healthcare and education.

Fear: Trump’s populist agenda will get in the way of the true conservative agenda (more money and power for big business and the wealthy) and they will make him “go away.” Then, Pence the Puppet (who I sense was part of a private deal that included campaign funding from the RNC) will give conservatives total control to further drive inequality and income gaps, and to further erode the freedom to enjoy privacy, civil rights, and a clean environment. Once in power, conservatives will find or create an excuse to apply emergency powers, take total control and accelerate what has been until now a slow drift toward a fascist state (See my post on 1984).

Expectation: Like most newly elected presidents, Trump will back away from his promises once he realizes he cannot simply say things and make them happen. He won’t be able to stop free trade, enact tariffs, build walls or change immigration policy: he won’t be able to do much without the help of Congress beyond, perhaps, starting a war. He will accomplish little of import—that is to say nothing good—and despite the premise of change for those who elected him, nothing will change other than that he will betray them just as he has betrayed anyone who invested in his companies. After two years, Democrats will take back at least the Senate. After four years, if my worst fears are not realized, we will have our first female president and a disruptor.

Hopefully, I refer to Elizabeth Warren.



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