Midnight Sky, Mank, SnowPiercer, Fargo (Reviews)







SADLY, FOR THE LAST YEAR, my established ritual of “experiencing” films at the theatre was reduced to merely “watching” them on a laptop or waiting to view the next episode on the TV. Still, I managed to watch Fargo (4) and Snowpiercer (1) on TV, and then watched Midnight Sky and Mank on premium channels.

Both Midnight Sky and Mank are worthy films. Mank has a shot at a Best Actor Oscar for Gary Oldman’s role as screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz. David Fincher’s black-and-white story behind the creation of Citizen Kane reveals how one of the greatest films ever made was the result of determination (Orson Welles) and perseverance (Mankiewicz) as it suggested the often unflattering experiences of a very imposing and very alive William Randolph Hearst.

Midnight Sky featured George Clooney as a scientist whose work would affect human survivability, yet threaten not so much his own survivability but perhaps his own humanity. Clooney also directed the film.

Fargo (Season Four) had most of the trademarks of the original and the earlier seasons: violence, dark humor, and remarkable characters. This time, though, it’s a backstory: welcome to gangland Kansas City in the 1950s.

This time, though, it’s a backstory: welcome to gangland Kansas City in the 1950s.

The addition of two top comedians, Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman, doesn’t go very far in lightening the tone.

SnowPiercer (Season Two) extends the TV series that stemmed from the original film. The concept is startling but serves–like all Sci-Fi stories–to show how despite dramatic changes to science and the setting, the human drama is what draws us in. Season Two began Monday night. Jennifer Connolly as Melanie is the highest-profile cast member.





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