It’s the Playoffs (for film)! Six Movies to see…


Six Movies to See

La La Land

I am pretty sure it’s La La Land for Best Picture. This film left me thinking I just saw the Oscar Winner. It was bold and unpredictable: music, drama, the quest for fame—it’s all there.


It was good Sci-Fi, like a futuristic Robinson Crusoe tale on an island surrounded by a sea of space. Oh, and Friday is a woman. My friend’s wife called it a “chick flick” and a “love story.”


It reminded me of Slumdog Millionaire award winner. It made a lot of people cry. Okay, I couldn’t help it, I got weepy.


Acting showcase for Viola and Denzelle. Potent stuff. It will win some Oscars.

20th Century Women

Sleeper indie film that should have been nominated for some Academy Awards. Annette Bening at her very best and award-level acting from Elle Fanning. The seventies don’t seem so bad with this one.

Manchester by the Sea

It’s a heavy film, but a good film: sometimes we take inspiration from stories about what people do when dark events fall on their lives.

[Note: I have yet to see Moonlight and Hidden Figures which both promise to deliver]

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